Turkeys or Trees… either way, this involves Smash Balls

So… Halloween is over.

And, well, I’m not a huge fan of Thanksgiving, really. Too much family drama to really be worth it. At least with Christmas, I have the added bonus of an awesome build-up via house lights and the general environment of the season. Oh, that will be REALLY nice with the Yoshi Car… whenever I want, I can just go sit in Montclair Plaza or something and just SOAK it up. That’s right, I’m Yoshi and I fully approve of commercialized Christmas because it’s freaking pretty! :P (This, of course, also means I will have to spam “Antidote” from FFT like crazy.)

So, um… on the artwork side of things, I think I might forego even bothering with a Thanksgiving pic (since all I can really come up with are variations on Velan and Old Lady Kit blowing up the kitchen), unless someone comes along with a freaking hilarious idea for a pic… it’d have to be one of those “ohgod, this must be done or ELSE” things. Otherwise, plan on Snowschemes starting up earlier this year; everybody wins since this of course means there will be more of them.

That said, I should also throw together that speculated Election Day Brawl pic. But, how should that go…? Hmm.

*opens the floor to suggestions!*

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