(Instant Ramen Sketchbook) Kittypile!


Across Halloween '08: Kittypile!
Click for fullview.

Clearly, it has been anything but spooky for this year’s Halloween. :P If anything, it’s been lots and lots of cute! o_o
Why yes, I somehow managed to satisfy the demand for both Duxx AND Chelsea. Ah, the power of Ninja Nekokoneko! Give them all treats or, well, I think they’ll wear you down with their mewing.
(Poor Hikaru, I think she’s just overloaded with the sheer cuteness of the whole thing that she’s at a loss for words.)

Speaking of treats… I think this is one of those rare moments in which I either actually smell something or THINK I do. (Believe it or not, it happens… often, it’s the scent of garlic bread, yet the source is actually meat loaf or something completely unrelated.) I must investigate. >_>

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