In the absence of logic, I blame Aeth.

Bah! Just when I’m about to post an updated screencap of that second Halloween picture, my server crashes. Can still access FTP and mail… just attempting anything on the browser end is broken (error code: Aeth– I mean 500). Hopefully when I wake up tomorrow, it’ll be fixed. >_>;;

One week until Election Day… or rather, “Yoshi hopefully kicks the crap out of the DMV and will eat some pie if she does.” (TWO pieces of pie if Obama wins! :P)

But, tomorrow? Chaos in the form of another new arrival of the canine variety, an English Bulldog pup by the name of Wilson (as in, the unseen neighbor). Yeah, I know… ANOTHER?! But, it’s not my call (only Kestine was), I just pay the vet and insurance fees. In hindsight, if I’d known picking up on those two were the primary enablers for mother to expand the pet population here as much as she did, I probably would have either refused or capped it at only covering the cats…

Time for sleep, before I go drifting over to Across Universe and stay up until dawn fiddling with stuff there…

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