Yoshi goes shopping

Finally nabbed .hack//GU vol. 3. (Awesome, I can finally play both vol. 2 and 3 back to back.)

And, uh… Star Ocean: First Departure, despite, well, knowing next to nothing about the series aside from [info]seraphzero and Aeth joygasming over it all the time (but good thing this is a remake of the first game!). This was seriously a matter of me seeing the RPGamer staff review and it was all “oh by the way, Yuri Lowenthal plays the lead character” and my brain just went “WANT. NOW.”

Yes, I know, I’m terrible. XD (But… so is Bren, who’s all squeeing over FF4DS. :P)

By the way… Subway’s Chicken Pizziolla? Damned tasty, albeit a tad messy since the chicken is in these little chunk-strips. This needs to be a permanent menu item (like the chicken parmesan sammich). Why is it the only Subway items I actually like are event-only? ;_;


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