Server Migration Part 3

Well that was fast… and pretty painless.

I got up this morning and saw my welcome letter. The ramen folder’s uploading and about 2/3 done; the lesser folders will get ported next, and then /twilight/ and THEN I can start hacking the front pages and getting those back in order. Really, the bottleneck in the uploading isn’t my speed, it’s that there are SO many freaking files to send up. The ramen folder alone has over 1,500!

Thinking that the DNS swap would take the better part of a day, I went ahead and started the switch on that, too… well, wow, it changed over in, like, 10 minutes. o.O Fortunately, my email servers switched without any trouble. Yay!

Though the old ramen folders are being ported over wholesale so as not to break old LJ posts, new Instant Ramen posts will get slapped on the new ramen subserver (

Again, if anyone here had stuff on the old server and either wanted to move or just back it up, fear not: I have access to it until the end of the year, so poke me if you want the alternate login (since obviously now resolves to the new server).

It has also occurred to me that I could even slap an imageboard on this new server if I were so inclined. Maybe? I know Xenos, Typh and LF would have bucketloads of fun with one… :P I’ll think about it.

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