Oh hi… um… Robert’s here. He had oral surgery, but nobody will tell me anything (as usual), and Evil Stepfather was yelling at me about Robert going upstairs even though Robert was refusing help and looked like he was okay (and by the time I got there he was pretty much up on the 2nd floor anyway). Sometimes I just think that awful man is fishing for excuses to be an asshat. I also think he missed the memo saying that he has no authority over me. NONE.

And while it LOOKS like Robert and mother made up… or can at least be around each other without mother going into RAGING DRAMA QUEEN mode, part of me is still thinking it could blow up anytime.

On the flipside… Daisy is being a total attention whore today. She was being nosy and, while mother was taking Evil Stepfather to work, Daisy camped the guest room door and mewing for Robert to open up. This cat sure knows how to push the cute buttons. o.o

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