Big Bad Bowser-monde

November 18th, 2015


Watch my guild (Lazy Peons) be a bunch of badasses and ground-pound Archimonde in the FACE.

It’s normal mode, but… first kills are ALWAYS worth documenting!

I thought I may have screwed up the sound balance (between SFX and music) but… it’s the last boss, it’s gonna be noisy AF. Let’s run with it.

Finally, /salute to Robert, he and the other Shaman basically suicided that last Banish right before we finished off Archimonde.

music credits: srsly, though, GaMetal/Jonny Atma FTW, his metal covers are very appropriate for this, and that it’s covers of Bowser themes make the running “Archimonde is the Bowser of HFC” meme that Alex and I cooked up even more hilarious.

Now I’ma lie down because holy hell adrenaline crash (prolonged by editing this video).

I Am That Asshole: The Solidarity Edition

November 15th, 2015
Not doing it.

Changing my profile and hashtags won’t help your cause. Sorry.

So, uhm, apparently on my way home from my most recent stay in the hospital, some awful stuff went down in Paris. And as usual for anything of this calibur, social media thinks it can make it all better if people would just change their icons and insert platitude hashtags.

No thank you.

Now, before I continue, I want to make it clear that terrorism in any form is horrible and I don’t condone it in ANY way. (Because you know someone is going to interpret this Post of Unpopular Opinion like that…)

It’s, just… changing my profile picture does what, exactly? “Support France and the people of Paris” is an awfully vague statement. Call me a party pooper, but overlaying the colors of the French flag over my fat face… doesn’t really do anything to, you know, locate the perpetrators, collect evidence that would lead to their conviction, provide monetary and logistical aid to the wounded and their families. Changing your icon does not do any of those things, ever. Only people on the scene can do that, and people on the scene have no time to be busting out their phones to fart around on Facebook.

This is just like that one time where there was a campaign encouraging people to change their Twitter/FB icons to, what was it, 80’s cartoons to raise awareness for child abuse. And I was all “what the crap, how vague and ineffective is that? Changing your icon will not end child abuse. Not by a longshot.” Classic feel-good slactivism is what that is, feeling like you’ve contributed to a cause by doing what is essentially nothing at all.

So, all you people swapping icons to support a cause or to “mourn” with a locale that has suffered a tragedy… Please, please think about what you are doing and whether or not it will influence the outcome in any way. (Spoiler: It won’t.) If you want to Do Something About It, put your feet on the ground and get to it by, you know, volunteering for the appropriate organizations. Or if you’re too far away or otherwise unable to act directly, go donate to said relevant organizations. Enough with this “I’m going to change my Facebook profile to support/protest X” bullshit, because you’re just diluting your own message.

Bonus rant: the #prayersforparis hashtag!

Um, okay. I know your hearts are in the right place (the above notwithstanding), but… you DO know that France is a very secular country that highly discourages public displays of religion, right? While it appears to be a Catholic country because of all the historic cathedrals and such, in practice it is very big on religion being a personal thing that the state should have no influence in, like imposing a religion on everyone. It’s even uncomfortable with religious displays/expression in public places because it could be interpreted as support for one religion over another. Surely you may recall controversy about Muslim students wearing their hijabs in public schools…?

So, yeah, about that #prayersforparis hashtag that I’ve seen floating around? It’s actually quite inappropriate and does not respect the French stance on public displays of religion. Put another way, it’s like telling an atheist person that you’ll pray for them despite KNOWING they are atheist and would therefore find such a thing at LEAST a little offputting. In this case, the secular “our thoughts are with you” alternative is actually the best one you could use, if you must make such a platitude.

I understand that prayer is a common, powerful coping mechanism for many religious people, but it’s essentially their version of the “changing my social media picture will solve everything” trick. You can pray until you’re blue in the face, but prayers will not catch the perpetrators, get them convicted or provide medical/practical/monetary aid to the victims and their families. Actual hard work and donations to the appropriate charities will!

(Want a good, helpful hashtag to cling to? #PorteOuverte (literally “open door”) among the locals who provide shelter to those either directly affected by the attack, or are stranded because of canceled flights. And it’s an example of “action, not platitude” at work!)


In the absence of directly assisting in those things or putting your money where your mouth is, the best thing you can do is to go about your lives and aspire to do good. Don’t feed into mob mentalities, don’t give into revenge fantasies, because that stuff just brews racism and violent thoughts and hate and… it just feeds into the cycles that lead to these incidents happening. We as human beings have this really bad habit of using Bad Events like terrorism or shootings to “otherize” people and lump them together as the enemy, and that doesn’t really help anyone. It happened after Pearl Harbor, it happened after 9/11, it happens every goddamn time that a large amount of people die because of violence, as if we think we can justify hate and vengeance and we forget that whole “an eye for an eye makes the world blind” thing that some people are being charged by the violence that they have done. Whether or not a felony domestic violence is charged with a misdemeanor or felony domestic violence offense largely depends upon the specific actions committed by the defendant.

“But I’m just blowing hot air,” the person who gets called out on openly talking about his violent revenge fantasy says. “I’m just talking. I’m not actually going to do (super violent thing), I know it’s illegal. But I’m just so MAD.” Still not okay, because it inevitably influences you to form prejudices and biases that don’t need to be there. I’m not saying “don’t get mad about stuff ever” but rather, funnel that into something constructive or at the very least won’t make the situation worse.

This unpopular opinion was brought to you by the itch on my belly and my cat rubbing on my chair.

BLING OR GTFO (Yoshi has a new shiny)

November 13th, 2015

Hey. Hey guys. Look. I got something neat a couple days ago.




Yes, because I am just that ridiculous, I got (read: sent my mother to acquire on my behalf) this iPad Pro here. It’s the 32GB Gold Wifi version, and basically is Dinah’s replacement body since that unfortunate thing we won’t talk about anymore.

No Apple Pencil yet (supposedly the first week of December?) but oh man, I’m getting that too. I can’t NOT get it. Dinah’s going to wreck so much face with that Pencil, so you can bet this will help a ton with art stuff. Even without the pencil, the sound and video quality are amazing! YouTube and Netflix will shine on her. :D

Also, there’s some other stuff about me having to go back to the hospital because my hernia staples were misbehaving and causing an infection, but I don’t want to think about it anymore since it’s punching me in the face with the sads. (Hospitals are terrible. Not because of the people– they’re awesome and do good work. It’s everything ELSE that is shitty.)

I am That Asshole, the Childfree Edition

November 6th, 2015

I, uh, apparently have a reputation for being really nice and sweet and not judgmental at all…

But let’s be real, EVERYONE has a bit of an asshole in them, and I’m not exempt from this.

In essence, Didn’t Do It Bail Bonds Reviews establishes a guarantee to the court system that the defendant will return to the court system to stand trial on his or her expected court date.

There is of course the part of me that’s a Filthy Atheist(tm) but that’s already been touched on a bit before. No, today I want to talk about how I’m a jerk when it comes to having friends or acquaintances who are pregnant.

Growing up, I had a bunch of teachers who would be very visibly pregnant, and when they went on maternity leave, most of them did not come back. (West Heritage Elementary had an absurd amount of turnover, in hindsight.) Since my depression was already punching me in the face pretty hardcore, building up a relationship with these teachers, only to have them bail on me was not very helpful and just left me more lost in The Sads, and as you know I didn’t have much support at home, and now I have these long-term subs who would look at me like I was that sad sack of “I don’t know what to do with her” and were even more unhelpful. So there’s one strike in my psyche, childhood!me came to associate pregnant women with “you will be abandoned soon, don’t bother.”

And I would watch videos and TV documentaries about the “joys of childbirth” and such, thinking it would give me some sort of insight as to what the appeal is, and I was just not seeing it. Let’s repeat that, I’m a female and I don’t understand the appeal of having babies. Even though it may be nice to carry them in a body shaper after pregnancy.

So, really, I guess this is a roundabout way of saying “shit happened in childhood, therefore I am one of those Childfree people.”

The frustration is that in recent years, as people I’ve met and went to school with/gamed with on the internets and such, they’re pairing off and having babies. And when I see the announcement a part of me winces a bit, because childhood!me is all “well shit, why did I bother if I’m going to be ditched after the baby’s here?” It’s not a narcissistic “you’re having a baby and not going to pay attention to meeeeee” envy thing, it’s just this thing that triggers bad memories of childhood and feeling like I’m going to be cast aside just like all the other times and I don’t want to deal with that if I can help it.

The next part DOES come with a bit of doucheyness on my part, it’s being rather annoyed with those who wear their pregnancy-addled heart on their sleeves. Actually it feeds more into my general irritation with emotional, dramatic people in general (thanks, mom!), but whenever someone starts getting weepy because of hormones or whatever, inside I’m all “calm your boobs, sheesh,” and gritting my teeth REALLY HARD I might need a denture because I gotta hold my tongue. I get gaslit all the time whenever I’m a bit down (again, feeding back to not-supportive family members) and in almost every other instance I’m able to not be a jerk that way… except for this. It just makes me think “stop, oh jeebus, you’re being ridiculous and aggravating. Just, don’t.” It’s super-mean and invalidating and I’m very sorry and I try to keep this part of me stuffed in a corner so as not to be a douche or repeat the cycle of people not giving a shit about other’s feelings.

Social media spam of babies and such, they surprisingly don’t bother me as much, though a part of me does wonder about this trend– what’s the kid going to think when they grow up and the first thing that happens when they google themselves and find the obligatory Drooly Baby/Naked Baby in Bathtub pictures. We don’t exactly give them a chance to give or deny consent, and most parents don’t really think about the future consequences of posting pictures of their then-infant children. But that’s a question to be debated elsewhere, I suppose.

BlingPad Pro next week, surely there will be pictures and gushing over my latest and greatest tool in the Instant Ramen Sketchbook scene.

(Yes, “BlingPad Pro” because I’m getting my iPad Pro in gooooooold. I may put a BlingTron as my wallpaper for the first week. :P)


November 5th, 2015

1-2-3-4-GRONNGA! (courtesy of Morri @mindfulaide)

So, tonight was supposed to be our big bad Normal Archimonde kill. I was even set to record the raid session and from it prepare a YouTube of the actual kill so that Sarahtonim (our goblin Resto shammy) can see, since she’s on extended leave (though her twin sister Suzi was able to come back).

And well, we did get some pulls in! But our boss-man (who is also one of our tanks) had car trouble and had to take an extended AFK so someone could drive him back to his workplace to get stuff out from said car. So, loyal Peons being loyal Peons, we wait. Others wander AFK themselves for bio breaks/beer reloads/letting dogs out…

…then silliness starts during the downtime. Those of us who raid know this well.

Robert is the type who would whip out mounts from his ginormous collection for showing off their /mountspecial. Eventually he gets to his Coalfist Gronnling that I gave him on his second day back, and then a Gronnga Line happens. (Oddly enough, we must credit the Gronnga Line to Suzi, way back when we were just poking at Hellfire Assault.) I mount up on my own Gronnling and jokingly /yell GRONNGA LINE! Because, uh, siblings in silliness. :P

Other guildies (specifically Luna/Niisaar and Morri) join in, following Robert around on their Gronnlings (and with the “RP walk” on, no less) and I’m behind them, awkwardly trying to get a screencap to toss on Twitter. (they are also tweeting this #gronngaline, hashtag and all, and our handles get exchanged) Then George/Ninigi (other tank) and Schado get in on it, too.


aww, a group gronn-hug!

And this goes on for a good half-hour before Linux pipes up on vent, announcing that because Char is taking way too long to get back, we’re going to stop for the night. Still, we got a pretty good #gronngaline going, complete with hashtag (and I still question why the crap Robert doesn’t have Twitter, he even uses “hashtag punchlines” like I do). We also learn that my brother is a filthy Burning Legion loyalist and probably chugs Gul’dan-made Gatorade on a regular basis, since he was /saluting Archimonde and such. You could basically drop him in Kilrogg’s place during that particular cutscene in the legendary ring questline, and absolutely nothing would change. XD

For tomorrow’s alt run via Critically Insane, I’ve not only recruited Robert since he wants the fist weapons that drop from Fel Lord Zakuun, but Schado is tagging along as well. Not for loot, but because Schado was so amused by the OpenRaid notice that Frailin (Critically Insane boss-man) writes that he wants to meet these dudes that my cow priest hangs around with. Okay XD

For the curious, some choice pieces of the OpenRaid notice:

About us: We are a filthy casual group. We lust/tranq on trash routinely, but it’s usually because one of us is cracking up everyone else, or talking about the War of 1812, or Disney World. Occasionally, we kill bosses.

Composition: (…)  If you are new or inexperienced you are also welcome – we will take you under our filthy wings.

Voice communications: We use Mumble. Please download and install before raid start. You do not have to speak but you MUST listen for callouts and our inane banter. 

Misc items: We curse and tell dirty jokes and whatnot. We occasionally make tongue-in-cheek comments on potentially sensitive topics. I expect people in this group to be mature enough to know how to converse with other adults in a jovial but respectful fashion – our conversations often remind me of happy hour, complete with the alcohol.

Now, I’m not a drunk raider (even though that’s what Critically Insane is, drinking raid group) but anyone who goes out of his way to make silly raid advertisements like that has to be worth hanging around with. XD